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Plasauto SIGMA is already established in more than 80 acute care hospitals and is market leader in pediatric hospitals throughout Germany. This device is a therapeutic option for acute renal replacement, even in neonates. The system’s versatility and flexibility are huge benefits to nursing staff in hospitals because they only need to be trained on a single device for a wide range of different therapies.
What does Plasauto SIGMA offer?

What does Plasauto SIGMA offer?

Plasauto SIGMA is the only multifunctional device in Europe to offer such a variety of therapies. The entire range of acute renal replacement therapies plus a broad spectrum of therapeutic apheresis treatments enable users a wide and manageable field of application. For example, all acute renal replacement therapies can be performed with just one single cassette system, thus allowing physicians to focus on the essentials.

Citrate anticoagulation has become established as an increasingly important component of renal replacement therapy in intensive care units (ICU). Current international guidelines also make clear recommendations in this regard. Plasauto SIGMA represents an interesting approach. You can expand the cassette system with a smart citrate supplement set to convert it into a fully-fledged citrate system.

Plasauto SIGMA sets new standards in terms of versatility, reduced workload, and cost-effectiveness. Citrate anticoagulation could scarcely be more flexible. The number of enthusiastic Plasauto SIGMA users has grown continuously since its introduction in Germany. The advantages of the multifunctional device from Japan are impressive, and the technique is suitable for patients of all ages, and without any weight restriction.

Discover the benefits of Plasauto SIGMA and gain a reliable therapy partner for carefully coordinated care of your patients.

What are the advantages of Plasauto SIGMA?

Reduced workload

  • one single CRRT therapy set for all acute renal replacement procedures
  • an extension set allows expansion of the therapy set from heparin to citrate
  • compact, slimline and maneuverable
  • quiet and smooth operation, excellent reliability
  • automatic restart of blood pump following arterial alarm
  • fully automatic syringe detection. You can use different syringes at any time – without any additional settings
  • a separate filtrate line removes the laborious task of emptying collection bags (patented online ultrafiltration concept).
  • no more lugging heavy drainage bags
  • highly innovative balance system. Weighing scales for filtrate bags are no longer required, which translates to fewer alarms
  • relief for personal: Handling, alarm management and operation are similar for all therapies


  • multifunctionality - equipped for acute renal replacement therapy and therapeutic apheresis
  • all acute renal replacement therapies (CVVH, CVVHD, CVVHDF, and SCUF) are possible
  • switching between therapy methods during treatment is possible
  • suitable for therapeutic apheresis performed as plasma exchange, hemoperfusion, liver support, immunoadsorption, doublefiltration plasmapheresis (DFPP) and Lipidfiltration
  • freedom of choice between heparin and citrate anticoagulation in all therapies
  • more than 20 years of experience in citrate anticoagulation in ICUs
  • small priming volume and fine adjustment of treatment values: for safe treatment of small patients, in particular
  • no weight restriction, high safety standards, and thus ideal also for treating children


  • one single CRRT therapy set for all acute renal replacement procedures reduces inventories, frees up capacities, and lowers logistics costs
  • full utilization of treatment solutions
  • citrate anticoagulation is possible in acute renal replacement therapy with different citrate protocols, so you are free to choose solvent manufacturers throughout the complete life cycle of Plasauto SIGMA
  • highest additional reimbursement in Germany for the favored citrate hemofiltration (citrate CVVH) for many years now
  • all therapeutic apheresis treatments can be performed with just one single device- this saves technical service, training, and handling costs
  • online ultrafiltration means lower personnel costs
  • no need for collection bags due to OnLine ultrafiltration

When is Plasauto SIGMA used?

  • acute renal replacement therapy (CRRT): CVVH pre-/post-dilution, CVVHD, CVVHDF pre-/post-dilution, SCUF
  • pediatrics: suitable for even the youngest patients – CRRT therapy set with a priming volume of just 47 ml
  • therapeutic apheresis: immunoadsorption, plasma exchange, doublefiltration (DFPP), liver support therapy, Lipidfiltration, hemoperfusion

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Plasauto SIGMA device technology

Plasauto SIGMA - the market leader from Japan - for continuous renal replacement therapy and therapeutic apheresis. Suitable even for the youngest and smallest patients! Whether citrate or heparin, outpatient or inpatient - the choice is yours!

Plasauto SIGMA device technology