Accessories for extracorporeal blood purification

Extracorporeal blood purification cannot be carried out at all or only with great difficulty without accessories. Whether collection bags, distributors and extensions for tubings or even adapters make the treatment much easier. That is why we supply all clinics with innovative accessories for the Plasauto SIGMA and other acute renal replacement devices.
What advantages do the accessories offer?

What advantages do the accessories offer?

It is the small, inconspicuous things that make life easier in many cases.

In therapeutic apheresis, these can be Y-pieces that connect two bags with each other during the rinsing program or during the treatment. In acute renal replacement therapy, these are four-way distributors VT-4, which combine four haemofiltration bags of 5 litres each. The advantage: During long-term treatment, time-consuming bag changes are no longer necessary at night.

OnLine ultrafiltration – no problem with the patented balancing system

The OnLine ultrafiltration line OV-4 enables direct connection to a standardised dialysate outlet. Used dialysate and filtrate can therefore be disposed of directly and continuously. Collection bags are no longer necessary and the annoying emptying of such bags is no longer necessary.

Where collection bags are indispensable, DIAMED offers both 10 litre disposable bags and special 10 litre reusable bags (Aero type). These have a vent valve and can be used with all common devices implemented in continuous renal replacement therapy using the universal adapter provided. The advantage: Only one collection bag is required for all extracorporeal blood purification devices in a clinic.

Five-litre disposable bags with clamps and Luer lock connectors are used both as collection bags and for preparing solutions containing albumin, for example for plasma exchange. These bags can therefore be used in a variety of ways, regardless of the device type.

All accessories are optimised for use with the Plasauto SIGMA device technology. In addition, our accessories are often used on other common devices for extracorporeal blood purification.

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