The History of DIAMED Medizintechnik

The vision of improving and preserving lives characterized company founder Hans Karl Stock his entire life. He built DIAMED with this in mind and passed this motivation on to his employees.

Then as now, through our close cooperation with physicians and medical specialists, we learn about and experience patients’ personal stories. These touch us deeply. These human experiences increase our motivation and drive to develop life improving and lifesaving therapeutic solutions in extracorporeal blood purification.

At DIAMED, “passion and know-how for health” also means ensuring medical care for all patients. Again and again, the fast delivery of equipment and medical devices have had lifesaving consequences. To provide flexible support in acute situations and thereby preserve lives, since our founding we have generally maintained a four to six-month supply of critical medical devices in our main warehouse in Cologne. Whether the 2011 E. coli outbreak in Northern Germany, the 2012 severe earthquake in Italy resulting in the supply bottleneck of a German provider, or today's coronavirus pandemic: we provide fast and flexible support – yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

DIAMED Medizintechnik Milestones

How it all began
How it all began

With the founding of DIAMED in Cologne, entrepreneur Hans Karl Stock laid the cornerstone for our company. The close cooperation with Asahi Kasei Medical Co. in dialysis, therapeutic apheresis, and continual renal replacement therapy that began here exists to this day.

First world congress of plasma therapy

Opportunities to realize and further develop extracorporeal blood purification have driven DIAMED since its early days. To promote international professional discussions and knowledge transfer, we established the “First World Congress of Plasma Therapy”. In 1980, specialists from around the world came to Cologne to discuss ongoing developments in therapeutic apheresis.

Market introduction
of the BTS 100

For us, top quality equipment technology is essential. The market introduction of the BTS 100 for LDL apheresis and immunoadsorption was groundbreaking.

Hemomat/Plasmomat: The first standalone device

With the Hemomat/Plasmomat, DIAMED Medizintechnik introduced the first standalone device for plasma exchange, immunoadsorption, and LDL apheresis for the German market.

The world’s first <br>multifunctional device: <br>Octo Nova
The world’s first
multifunctional device:
Octo Nova

In 2000, we introduced Octo Nova, developed and manufactured by us, the world’s first multifunctional device for continuous hemofiltration and therapeutic apheresis. In Germany, the Octo Nova was the first device to offer automated citrate anticoagulation, which today is standard procedure.

Founding of the qualified Advisory Bboard

In 2011 the Advisory Board comprised of family members and external experts was established; it has been advising on the further development of DIAMED ever since.

Market introduction of the Plasauto SIGMA multifunctional device
Market introduction of the Plasauto SIGMA multifunctional device

The introduction in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria of the Asahi Plasauto SIGMA for all procedures in continuous renal replacement therapy and selective therapeutic apheresis treatments meant that hospitals could now provide a variety of extracorporeal treatments using a single device. Today, Plasauto SIGMA is the market leader in pediatrics and is used in numerous maximum care hospitals throughout Germany.

Multi-center study of the efficacy of lipid apheresis

The large multi-center study initiated by DIAMED verified the clinical efficacy of lipid apheresis in patients with increased Lipoprotein(a) and documented progression of arteriosclerosis. In 2013, this study was featured prominently in the cardiology journal “Circulation”.

Generational change

Since 2015 – after the death of company founder Hans Karl Stock – the next generation of the family has taken over responsibility and continues to lead DIAMED as laid out by the founder, with passion and reason, for life.

Brand presence relaunch
Brand presence relaunch

After the refreshment of the office space at the company's headquarters in Cologne in 2018, the DIAMED brand is also showing its new design this year - to complete the uniform, modernized corporate identity. Our mission statement with the defined values is reflected both in the room design through the use of colors, shapes and choice of materials as well as in the contemporary corporate design, the new logo with a heart symbol and a new claim. We no longer express “passion and know-how for health” through our daily work alone, we say it and underpin it with our new corporate identity.