Cleansing of the blood to improve microcirculation

Rheopheresis®, also known as double filtration plasmapheresis (in short: DFPP), has been specially developed for the treatment of disturbances of the microcirculation. This affects the blood flow in the smallest vessels. The resulting inadequate supply of nutrients and oxygen will eventually lead to diseases of the affected tissue. With Rheopheresis, selected substances are specifically removed from the patient's blood fluid (plasma) and thus microcirculation is improved.

In Rheopheresis, blood is continuously taken from the patient via a peripheral access in an arm vein and separated in the plasma separator Plasmaflo® into plasma and blood cells. Subsequently, a defined range of large proteins (plasma proteins) that affect blood circulation are removed from the plasma in the Rheofilter ® . The cleansed plasma is returned to the patient together with the previously separated blood cells via a vein in the other arm. Thus, the patient will only receive his own cleansed blood. 


Rheopheresis is used for different diseases in which a disturbance of the microcirculation plays a decisive role. These include, among others, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), acute hearing loss as well as IgM plasmacytoma and cryoglobulinemia. In Germany, Rheopheresis is used in selected treatment centers as well as numerous hospitals and university hospitals.

Rheopheresis in a special variant is also used for patientssuffering from Refsum disease. This is a hereditary metabolic disease that results in a strong accumulation of phytanic acid, a special fatty acid ingested with food, in the body. If left untreated, many organs, including eyes, heart and kidneys, can be significantly damaged. If the disease progresses irrespective of a special diet, Rheopheresis can be an appropriate therapeutic option.

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