Plasma exchange

In plasma exchange, the blood fluid (plasma) which contains disease-causing (pathogenic) substances is exchanged with a protein replacement fluid. For this, the patient's blood flows through the plasma separator Plasmaflo®.This separates the plasma from the blood cells. Subsequently, the patient receives the replacement fluid together with the previously separated blood cells.

Plasma exchange using the plasma separator Plasmaflo®: the separated and collected plasma (A) is exchanged with a Protein replacement fluid (B).

The procedure is used for selected diseases where a possibility for selective cleansing of the plasma by a specific filter or adsorber is not yet given. Selective procedures for cleansing of the patient's own plasma have a decisive advantage: the patient gets back their own quite useful proteins such as coagulation factors and albumin as well as salts and other soluble substances together with their plasma.

It is the aim of the medical research team to develop selective procedures for as many diseases that require blood cleansing as possible. These selective procedures include, for example, lipid filtration, Immunoadsorption and Rheopheresis®.

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