Liver supporting therapy (Leberpherese®) - regeneration by relief

In acute or chronic liver failure, the detoxification function of the liver is disturbed. For example, liver failure can occur after a liver transplant or liver cirrhosis. Toxic substances and metabolic products accumulate in the body. These mainly include bilirubin, bile acids and certain amino acids which have a direct cytotoxic effect. They can permanently damage the liver itself, but also other organs such as the brain and the kidneys.

In liver supporting therapy, these harmful substances are removed from the patient's blood outside the body. First, the blood is separated in the plasma separator Plasmaflo® into plasma and blood cells. The plasma then flows through the adsorber Plasorba BR-350. This is filled with tiny, positively charged globules made of a special synthetic material. They bind the negatively charged potential toxins like a magnet and thus specifically remove them from the plasma.

By the efficient removal of toxic substances from the blood, the injured liver is relieved and is given time to regenerate.


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