Over 40 years of innovation, reliability and quality in medical technology

For over 40 years, DIAMED Medizintechnik has prided itself on innovation, reliability and quality amongst its customers - in university hospitals, dialysis centers and doctors' practices. This was due to a constant exchange of experience and transfer of innovation across the borders of the medical disciplines. The highly qualified employees at DIAMED are mainly scientists and engineers who put their specialist knowledge to great use within a dynamic team.

The corporate success of the medical technology company speaks for itself: DIAMED has recorded an above-average annual growth rates for years. The company thereby is an impressive example of just how dynamic and effective medium-sized companies with dedicated and responsible employees can be.

Continuous further development for the patient's benefit

A characteristic feature of DIAMED is a high application-orientation: the clinical research and development of treatments take on an important position within the company. The focus of the corporate philosophy is the further development of products. The results can be further improved only through constant, applied research. And in this, the patient's well-being is always the highest priority. Diamed offers innovative extracorporeal therapy systems with which the most varied diseases are treated and the patient's quality of life is improved. Due to continual development, DIAMED has the innovative leadership in extracorporeal therapies.

Success through cooperation

DIAMED has reached this through a worldwide network of long-term cooperation with production and research partners in Germany, Japan and the United States. As a result, the product development but also, and above all, the scientific exchange necessary for success is ensured permanently. For example, there is a history of long-term cooperation with the Apheresis Research Institute (AFI) in Cologne. The scientists of the AFI present at conferences, implement clinical research projects with university hospitals, and forward their collected results and experiences as defaults for further development and production of respective technologies to their cooperation partners.

The system provider: comprehensive know-how and tailor-made solutions in renal replacement therapy and therapeutic apheresis

DIAMED is a leading system provider for all treatments of acute renal replacement therapy and therapeutic apheresis in Germany. With the multifaceted, multifunction devices Plasauto Sigma and Octo Nova®, DIAMED offers complete tailor-made systems for a wide variety of patient, user and therapy needs. With Plasauto Sigma, for the first time DIAMED can also offer a system for pediatric treatments. Therefore, DIAMED is system provider for interdisciplinary technology for the specialists of extracorporeal blood and plasma therapy for all ages.

A further focus is therapeutic apheresis. DIAMED provides effective and innovative therapy methods in all important application fields: Lipid apheresis, Immunoadsorption, Rheopheresis® and extracorporeal liver support (Leberpherese®). Current projects are investigating the use of Immunoadsorption for auto-immune diseases in neurology. In particular, these include auto-immune encephalitis and multiple sclerosis. Another current focus is the treatment of severe metabolic disorders with lipid apheresis. The Pro(a)-LiFe study supported by DIAMED received nationwide attention in Germany which made it possible to show the effective reduction of cardiovascular complications in patients with increased lipoprotein(a) by lipid apheresis. Future application fields with new products are currently in progress.

Dialysis, the blood cleansing with so-called "artificial kidneys", is another core area of DIAMED. The company is a leading supplier in the German market today.


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