Commitment and supporting memberships

For many years, DIAMED has been committed to the following organizations by supporting Memberships:


BVMed - German Association of Medical Technology e.V.
BVMed as a trade association represents over 200 industrial and trading companies in the medical technology sector. 20 of the world's largest medical device manufacturers in the consumer sector are organized in BVMed. The expenditure on health care in the field of medical devices amounts to more than 22 billion Euro in Germany. The medical products industry employs approximately 170,000 people in Germany.


German National Kidney Foundation(Deutsche Nierenstiftung) - Focus on kidneys
Among other things, it promotes and coordinates research projects in the areas of early detection and treatment of kidney diseases as well as the improvement of long-term prognoses after a kidney transplant. A kidney disease can result in a worsening of the affected person's financial situation in addition to the detrimental effect on the individuals’ health. The social committee of the German National Kidney Foundation helps affected persons in cases of hardship. The German National Kidney Foundation provides persons affected by kidney diseases, their families and the general public with a wide range of information services.



DGfN - German Society for Nephrology
The German Society for Nephrology (DGfN) was founded at the beginning of 2009 and developed from the two large societies "Society for Nephrology" (GFN) and "German Consortium for Clinical Nephrology" (DAgkN). It is, therefore, the largest and most important lobby of nephrologists in the German-speaking area. As a non-profit association, DGfN pursues the promotion of science and research in the entire field of nephrology - from basic research to clinical research.

DSG - German Sepsis Society e.V.
The German Sepsis Society (DSG) is a medical specialist society that wants to form and sharpen the understanding of sepsis symptoms with both the public and medical experts. In addition, on the initiative of the DSG, the German Sepsis Support was founded for affected persons and their families.

Cholco Cholesterol and Co e.V. - Patient organization for patients with familial hypercholesteroloaemia or other genetic fat metabolism disorders
CholCo e.V. aims to promote the social and medical care of patients with familial hypercholesterolaemia or other severe genetic fat metabolism disorders and their relatives.

DGFF - German Society for the Control of Lipid Metabolism Disorders and Related Diseases (Lipd-Liga) e.V.
Independent society and contact for subjects and questions in the field of lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis. DGFF wants to provide health education in the areas of prevention, clinical diagnostics and therapy of lipid metabolism disorders and atherosclerosis.


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