Plasauto Sigma™ - Special features

Easy to use

  • OnLine ultrafiltration:
    Carrying and draining of full collection bags is no longer required!
  • Fast, easy preparation of the therapy system
  • Cassette systems - low blood filling volume of only 69 ml
  • Slim and versatile
  • Only one cassette system for all the procedures of the continuous renal replacement therapy
  • Bag changing without therapy interruption
  • New balancing: No bag scale - no alarms


  • Long service life
  • No collection bag
  • Full use of treatment solutions
  • Commercial solutions - also for citrate


  • Pediatric: also suitable for your youngest patients
  • Fully automatic identification of the syringe type
  • Can be adapted to meet your patient's individual needs
  • Only one device for renal replacement therapy and therapeutic apheresis

Areas of application

  • Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT): CVVH pre-/postdilution, CVVHD, CVVHDF pre-/postdilution, SCUF
  • Therapeutic apheresis: Immunoadsorption, plasma exchange, double filtration, liver supporting therapy (Leberpherese), lipid filtration, hemoperfusion 

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