Plasauto Sigma™ -
The optimal multi-function unit for all patients

The multi-function unit Plasauto Sigma has been developed to ensure your patients get the best possible support for all common therapy options of apheresis and acute dialysis. As a result, the low filling volume of the cassette system and the sensitive setting of the treatment values enable a safe treatment, even for the youngest patients. In addition, Plasauto Sigma offers you all the therapy options of continuous renal replacement therapy. The cassette system, carefully coordinated with Plasauto Sigma, completes the requirement profile for an optimal therapy. This means that the user is not strained. The ideal acute device combines the needs of the patient, user and therapy. 

The sum (Σ) of these Features is Plasauto Sigma.

The multi-function unit Plasauto Sigma has a revolutionary new balancing system. Treatment solutions are freely suspended and are independent of the balancing. For this, a specially developed cassette system with three integrated balance chambers is used. The fluid balancing is also protected by a side door for the highest level of mobility in the smallest possible space. The key advantages of the new technology: smooth running, accurate balancing, a flexible removal of the ultrafiltrates and, therefore, the option of unique OnLine ultrafiltration. In addition, the blood-air contact is reduced through air-free pressure measurement. Supported by intelligent rule modules, Long treatment times of up to 72 hours are achievable as it is supported by intelligent rule modules.

The specific design of Plasauto Sigma CitratPlus offers you the possibility of automated heparin and citrate anticoagulation. Both versions use a hemofiltration solution that is commercially available. A change of anticoagulation during therapy can be performed at any time. In addition, the citrate solution is often available as a standardized ACD-A solution. A peristaltic pump that is known and proven from the infusion technique is used for the high-precision citrate dosage. The user is clearly borne in mind as there are no alarms. The fully automated syringe identification is a new development. Different syringes can be used at any time - without additional inputs. 

Special features of Plasauto Sigma

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