Octo Nova® -
The reliable partner in apheresis and acute dialysis

Octo Nova is the classic among the multi-function units: the interdisciplinary technology was a milestone in extracorporeal blood and plasma therapy and still today is characterized by durability and reliability. Octo Nova is intended for all common apheresis procedures. In addition, the plasma exchange and the renal replacement therapy - continuous (CVVH/CVVHD) as well as intermittent hemofiltration - can be implemented with Octo Nova. The user can decide between anticoagulation with citrate or heparin with commercially available solutions for each patient on an individual basis. 

The versatility of Octo Nova combines a proven and robust device design and intelligent user-friendliness: automatic preparation programs, simple screen instructions, color-coded hose systems as well as an interference-free and precise scale system increase the application security, and thus also acceptance by practice and clinic staff. Octo Nova is the best-selling multi-function unit in Germany. 

Special features of Octo Nova

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