Short-term catheter

We just offer short-term catheter in double and triple lumen design. Other features of the short-term catheter from DIAMED:

  • Nitinol guidewire: Depth mark printed lumen, particularly flexible and extremely kink resistant
  • Pre-loaded in holder with thumb feeder capability to help clinician insert guidewire smoothely into the vessel
  • Soft tip reduces risk of trauma to vessel wall upon insertion
  • Catheter made of polyurethane: Thermo-adaptive, with depth scale
  • Soft rotatable fixation wing for maximum patient comfort
  • Seldinger needle with side valve: guidewire slide with no spillage of blood
  • Filling volume printed on arterial and venous hose connection
    High-flow for high blood flows
Double lumen catheter with pre-curved extensions and triple lumen catheter with straight extensions. 



Do you have any questions about our short-term catheter? Then we would be happy to help you: diamed(at) 

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