Dialysis catheter for short-term dialysis

The Kflow®Epic® dialysis catheter for short-term dialysis complement the product range of DIAMED for dialysis and apheresis. Our partner Kimal stands for more than 30 years of experience in dialysis catheters.

Short-term catheter from DIAMED are optimized for the requirements of the extracorporeal blood purification in the clinic. With finely graduated lengths of 15, 17, 20 and 24 cm catheter are suitable for different puncture sites and patients with different body sizes. Soft tips minimize the risk of vascular injury and smooth rotary wings improve fit and comfort of the catheter. The centimeter depth scale provides a good orientation and rapid assessment during catheter placement. Thermo-adaptive polyurethane at body temperature suits the vessel flexibly.

By combined openings on the sides and the top of the catheter recirculation of blood and suction of the catheter to the vessel wall can be minimized. The optimized configuration of the lumen provides a consistently low flow resistance even at higher blood flows. Thus, the double-lumen and triple-lumen catheters for acute dialysis and Therapeutic Apheresis are best suited.


Special features of DIAMED dialysis catheter

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