Our philosophy - advise and support!

We are a team of specialists, mostly natural scientists and engineers, who are fully engaged and passionate when answering questions about the application and use of our products. Call us first whether your questions on extracorporeal blood purification are technical or scientific in nature. Our long-term employees guarantee collaboration marked by reliability and continuity.

Preserving life is what drives us - and has for more than 40 years. Together with our Japanese partner Asahi Kasei Medical, we offer equipment technology, filters, adsorbers, and other high-quality medical devices for the German-speaking areas of Europe. The Octo Nova treatment device, developed by us and manufactured in Germany, as well as the new Japanese Plasauto SIGMA equipment technology, offer the highest level of versatility and engineering excellence.

As a medium-sized German company, we are flexible and fast. We support and take care of our customers, physicians, and their patients – even in cases of acute incidents. Thanks to close cooperation with our satisfied customers, we have become one of the largest suppliers in the extracorporeal blood purification specialty. This makes us very proud. At the same time this means we have an ongoing duty to work on further developing new therapies and treatment options.

Our approach

We are focused on our mission, vision, and values. In our team and in how we act each day toward colleagues and employees, partners and customers.
Our mission

Our mission

DIAMED is your skilled medical engineering partner for therapeutic apheresis and intensive care medicine. As a medium-sized company with experts for interdisciplinary therapies and patient-centered solutions, we advise and support physicians and hospitals in the use of our systems for the treatment of acute and chronic cases. With passion and know-how, we stand with our partners. We are loyal, fair, humane, and reliable.

We give our all and therefore do more. Personally, and together.

Our vision

Preserving life is what drives us.

We are curious, we impress, we advise. Developing new therapies and solutions that help to save lives and improve the quality of life is our priority.

Our vision

Our values


As a family company, trust and a fair partnership with one another is particularly important – both within our team and when dealing with physicians, patients, and partners.


We stand behind our words and take responsibility for our actions. Our cooperation with customers and partners is characterized by continuity and reliability. Company decisions are made with a focus on the long term.

Highest quality

Our employees are experienced specialists in their field. We provide professional support at all times to physicians using our world-class equipment technology and medical devices, in order to preserve and improve the lives of patients.